Pavilion Dedication

Our new nature center pavilion is the material result of the nurturing, caring, and effort of so many people.  While we have so much more to do, it was nice to take a moment to begin to thank the many that have done so much.   Below are the photos of a little celebration given in honor of the White Oak Education Foundation and the White Oak Nature Center Committee members that worked so hard to make our Outdoor Education Program much better.

Thank You All

2 thoughts on “Pavilion Dedication

  1. The White Oak Education Foundation together with great administrative leadership for providing an outdoor classroom for our students. If you have not already seen proof of this, please visit the teachers’ blogs on Primary pages and Intermediate pages of the White Oak Elementary Blog – We are so fortunate to have such support and those who encourage our visions.

  2. What a wonderful record of the White Oak ISD Nature Center Pavillion Dedication! The students are the real benefactors of this worthwhile project as is evident by its use and the overheard conversations between students. THANK YOU WOISD EDUCATION FOUNDATION!

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